A Revolutionary New Way to See Your Pain

Nanolume is a revolutionary new tool for documenting and tracking chronic pain conditions, allowing patients to keep track of their condition over time.

Nanolume Chronic Pain Tracking Tool

Nanolume is an easy-to-use app that allows patients to track their chronic pain episodes over time.  The app tracks the frequency, intensity, location, and surface area of each distinct, prominent type of pain a patient feels every time a diary entry is recorded.  Using the app’s patented tracking and aggregation software, the app can provide clinicians with a regular report of their patient’s chronic pain, and see visually and numerically how each patient’s pain changed over time.

Improved Pain Reporting and Documentation
Nanolume bridges the gap between appointments, providing the physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant with regular updates about the patient’s chronic pain.  Providers are able to see, numerically or visually, trends in the experience of pain, and any changes in intensity or frequency easily.  Most importantly, Nanolume distinguishes between up to 16 different types of pain sensations, so providers can see how each is being experienced, and if treatment tried are resolving some pain sensations while not impacting others.  Not only does the app show how the intensity of each pain type changes it also records how the surface area of each pain type changes over time and treatments tried.

Nanolume provides clinicians with a complete and robust clinical picture of their patient’s chronic pain, and allows for better accuracy and documentation of symptom reporting. 


A dull, heavy, hurting-type of soreness.


An unusual skin-sensitivity to light touch or vibrations.


A fiery, blistering, broiling, or searing pain.


A sharp, tearing, or lacerating pain.


A shivering, bone-chilling, or ice-cold sensation.


A flash of pain that travels across or down a body region.


A pinching, compressing, crushing, spasm- like, or squashing pain.


A prickling, boring, drilling, knife-like, or lancinating pain.


An inability to move a joint or muscle due to tightness or poor flexibility.


A sharp, pinching, pins-and-needles pain.


A pulling, twisting, tugging pain.


A grabbing, pulling, twisting, tugging, or wrenching pain.


An itchy, pins-and-needles, or stinging pain.

Custom Filed

Up to three custom-defined patient fields

A More Sophisticated View of Chronic Pain
Nanolume looks at more than just the frequency of your patient’s pain episodes.  It allows patients to report each episode comprehensively, offering detail-rich reporting and data aggregation to help better understand individual instances of pain, as well as pain trends over time.